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          Domestic enterprises are encouraged to give priority to ensuring domestic supply
          updated at 2021-09-27 Click:
          In order to ensure the supply and price stability of the fertilizer and pesticide market, thirteen departments of China including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have recently jointly issued a notice, requiring relevant enterprises to take effective measures to ensure a stable supply of domestic chemical fertilizers for a period of time.  

          Recently, the prices of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have continued to run at a high level. At present, affected by factors such as rising raw material prices and tight domestic supply, domestic fertilizer and pesticide prices will remain high.

          Domestic enterprises are encouraged to give priority to ensuring domestic supply. Due to the increase in international market demand and the rise of international prices, the large number of exports of enterprises has led to tight domestic supply of some products. Policies should be introduced to encourage enterprises to give priority to ensuring domestic supply.

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